The TBM Avenger & more: Take a front seat for war stories that improve your gaming

The second World War was a show of might not just on the battlefront but also in engineering circles. The Japanese, backed by a strong creation and innovation history, were thus always going to be a force to reckon with no matter what side they fought on.

Where the Japanese reigned supreme was in engineering dimensions; the Allies and The Americans compensated by pride. These were factions willing to give their all for the sake of a good reputation. These factors would have made the War a spectacle to behold were it not for the fact that it was a direct threat to the world’s existence.

The spectacle of the war is more bearable in video games thus. Players, whether online or offline, can unleash all the terror they feel like on their ‘enemies’ without causing real harm. Casinos can create the competitive atmosphere of the battlefield in their games without causing any tangible damage.

Video game players in, say, New York, have the freedom to acquire some of the most potent warplanes without causing any dent on the national budget.

The knowledge of machines used during the war is a key component used by game developers when creating their gaming interfaces. The machines available on your console possess pretty much the same characteristics as those that ruled the skies, land, and water between 1939 and 1945.

Take the Grumman TBM Avenger, for example. The American torpedo bomber entered the World War in 1942 as a reaction to Japan’s attack on the Pearl Harbor half a year earlier. The Japanese had attacked the harbor at the same time Grumman was unveiling a warplane to replace the Douglas TBD Devastator. This provocation is probably what led to the birth of the name ‘Avenger.’

As players, you also need to have these stories at your fingertips whether you are buying games or playing spins at the casino. They make your experience more exciting and also improve your chances of winning because you are able to pick the best weaponry.

Stories of this and other warcraft are told on this site in a simple style that will leave you entertained as well as informed. Get on board!