Kawanishi H8K: A Terror For The Undersea

Despite getting a spanking everyone would want to forget at the end of it all, you must give it to the Japanese for their efforts in the second World War. Their engineers showed an astounding level of genius in Warcraft development, while their soldiers showed an equally amazing grit on the war front.

Exactly the type of fodder you would want for your online war games, right? Developers have their mouths watering at the prospect of having Japanese Warcraft in their games. The quest has led many of them to scour history pots while you would expect them to be purely pursuing science.

Take the Kawanishi H8K, for example. The Japanese flying boat was one of the marvels that disturbed the seas from 1942 until the end of combat. The flying ace was often flown by just one occupant, but it had the ability to bring down fortresses.

The H8K, known as ‘Emily’ to the Allies, was the main threat to submarines during the duration of the war. It was built of pure metal but that did not prevent it from hitting speeds upwards of 400km/h and navigating distances of up to 8300 km. The sea beast had four engines, eight little, unprotected fuel tanks and a back up of six large self-sealing fuel tanks. Such devastation as any enemy would never want to be subjected to.

Such marvels are always awesome stuff for online games. Developers love them because they are an easy science to unravel; gamers love them because they offer an exhilarating thrill at the console and a connection with history. They give you, the player, a chance to go online and unleash virtual terror on your opponents as if you were a general in the war. It is kind of a time travel.

The inclusion of games with features such as the Kawanishi H8K in stake games is still in its early stages, but you can place your stakes that it will soon be a mainstream thing. Online casinos are continuously using their images in creating themes for different games; soon they will be part of the games themselves.