The Nakajima B5N: A tale of Japanese devastation

Things were thick in the World War II. If you have taken any minute interest in history, you will be aware of this. Everyone was bombing everyone without a single care for what would become of the earth or even the people themselves.

Things were so thick that some military units even resorted to going kamikaze (launching suicide attacks against enemies). That is not the kind of thick you would wish to witness in your day but is exactly the kind of devastation you would love to see in your online games. Imagine taking control of the second world war on a virtual platform and getting to settle scores and dish out justice.

All that is possible on sites like World of Warplanes where the dream as you would imagine it is brought to life.

With the Nakajima B5N, you get a Japanese warplane that was a source of headache for Allied forces from the very start of the war and throughout its duration. The aircraft was designed as a torpedo bomber, meaning it had the ability to unleash terror against ships and basically any other enemy sighting in water.

It was highly regarded because of its ability to launch abruptly and over short distances without suffering any shocks. Speed was also a great attribute as, during its time, none of the allied aircraft could operate faster than the B5N. Developers of online games are always looking out for these factors when creating gaming weaponry.

Among video gamers and in gambling circles, the Nakajima B5N is often referred to by its nickname ‘Kate.’ Players using this aircraft are always ready to place a good bet against their friends because they know about its ability. Some developers include betting features in their games to add the thrill when playing against friends and acquaintances; a genius idea, really.

Developers don’t, however, take it upon themselves to monetize or control the gambling experience for online players. They create odds and platforms to calculate winnings but are not directly involved in transfer of money between accounts. You get a feeling, however, that it is only a matter of time before this happens.